Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Choosy's Holiday Tale

By: Christine Cox, The Choosy Mommy
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‘Twas the night before a winter’s holiday and Choosy was busy,
making sure the holiday was healthy and nifty.

It was important that the stockings be hung by the fire,
and on that eve he would wear his best attire.

The gifts needed be wrapped tightly with ribbon and lace,
and the perfect meal be ready for dinner at his place.

But Choosy found an issue as he checked items off his list:
the toe of the stockings just were not right,
and he couldn’t get the packages squished in there tight!

Choosy thought and thought about what the solution could be,
until he realized, of course, use a fruit from a tree!

Choosy ran to the kitchen where the fruit bowl sat,
picked up the roundest fruit he could snatch.

and leave a healthy treat for holiday morning snacking.

He shoved that orange into the stocking toe,
and it made it round, wouldn’t you know!

Since the stockings were finished, he checked that off the list.
Now it was time to look his best!

Red hat and red shoes were festive you see,
but he needed something else, something made beautifully.

Choosy looked in his drawers and all in his closest,
but that special something was misplaced - he must have lost it.

He sat and thought about what else he could wear,
Ah! That’s it, something for his neck and his green hair!

He made a scarf, wrapped ‘round his neck in a knot.
This truly made him more festive, did it not?

He smiled in the mirror, all proud of himself.
Wouldn’t you know, he could pass for a holiday elf!

Now onto the presents, everyone’s favorite part!
And Choosy knew these gifts should come from the heart.

Choosy loves music and dancing, indeed,
so his gift to everyone was his newest CD!

After moving and shaking to the songs that he loved,
it was time to cook a meal to be proud of.

A holiday feast of sorts, the finest for his friends,
made with healthy ingredients, plus yummy odds and ends.

a holiday ham big enough for 20 or more.

It would be a fancy and healthy holiday!

Everything was ready, and Choosy was tired.
It was time to go to night-night and get snuggled in all tight.

Choosy closed his eyes and dozed off to sleep,
And the snow outside fell quietly, not making a peep.

Happy holidays to all from Choosy and his friends. 
Remember to be safe and healthy this holiday season – THE END!

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About the Author: Christine Cox is the blog master for Choosy Kids. She has always had a passion for writing and is honored to contribute her work to this blog. Most of her writing inspiration comes from her daughter, Capri, who is fun-loving and full of energy, and newborn son Cam. Click here to learn more about Christine.


  1. That was so much fun to read. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.

    1. I agree this was a fun. My boy just came by and I read it to him too. Merry Christmas everybody!

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